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Assisted living that preserves your independence.

Assisted living that preserves your independence.

Assisted Living that’s still Creative Living.

At MonteCedro here in Altadena, assisted living means helping you live your life to the fullest—even if your body says pause when your mind still wants to fast-forward and play. You may have more difficulty buttoning a shirt, but you’re quite buttoned up when it comes to leading a TED Talk or foreign film discussion through the Creative Living Academy. Besides, who ever said that thinking on your feet couldn’t also be done sitting down? 

There’s plenty to keep you engaged here, within our vibrant and unique culture of self-directed Creative Living. All that may be needed to fully participate is just a little extra accommodation or assistance.

And we offer two custom-tailored ways to receive assisted living support:

  • Stay right where you are, within your MonteCedro residence. Coordinated, comprehensive à la carte care services come to you in the comfort of your own home through our Artful HomeCare program of assisted Creative Living.
  • Seamlessly transfer to an easily accessible Assisted Living residence on campus that is better able and staffed to accommodate your physical needs and comfort—and is every bit a part of our Creative Living.

Click here to contact us online or call us at (877) 235-3997 to learn more about our Assisted Living support services.

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