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Discover The Art of Creative Living.

Only at MonteCedro.

Every day at MonteCedro can be brand-new and can unfold in countless ways. Start each day with the beauty of the San Gabriel Mountains and the elegant simplicity of our distinctive architecture, inspired by early California settlers.

This inspiring canvas serves as a backdrop to explore Creative Living, a philosophy that creates and drives the culture of our community for residents and staff. Through Creative Living you’ll experience a unique way of life that offers educational, cultural and social opportunities that are as vast as our mountain views. Our resort-like campus provides superb settings, services and amenities for growth, self-expression and enjoyment including:

  • Marcell’s gourmet restaurant
  • Off Lake Bistro
  • Station 8 bar
  • Mariposa Spa & Salon
  • Mariposa Fitness Center
  • Clark’s Art Studio
  • Eaton Movie Theater
  • Performing arts/multi-purpose auditorium
  • Outdoor pool, spa and barbeque area

And you’ll enjoy these unique experiences even more, knowing you’ve planned well and have all the health care and wellness services you may need, right here on our campus.

Learn more about MonteCedro, for a life in which you’ll revel!

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