MonteCedro in Altadena will be L. A. County's first new retirement community in 20 years, with all the advantages of 21st century living. It's designed for people who love Greater Pasadena, CA.

Greater Pasadena’s all-new retirement community, dedicated to the art of Creative Living.

To start with a fresh canvas and paint a vision full of possibilities: That’s the inspiring opportunity of MonteCedro.

It's brand new and in construction now:a stimulating retirement community in Altadena for people who want more from life, people who love everything greater Pasadena, California has to offer. Life at MonteCedro will be yours, your picture to paint, your poem to write, your song to sing. It’s living life the way you choose to express it. MonteCedro will make an art of creative living.

  • View our fabulous floor plans.
  • Discover our health care difference.
  • Learn more about the art of creative living.
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